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Good reasons to invest in solar energy

We have long known that solar energy is the best form of renewable energy in terms of both capacity and environmental friendliness. But it is only now that technological development has made solar power commercially viable on a large scale. In addition, politicians have now instituted transnational investment support and nation subsidy programmes. Installation costs have fallen, whilst interest and capacity has increased.

SolTech is currently in an expansive phase, with distribution chains and collaboration agreements in place both in Sweden and internationally. Thanks to agreements with Woody Bygghandel and Benders, SolTech products become more widely available to the general public in both Sweden and the Nordic region as a whole during 2015.

SolTech currently has installations in eight countries and during 2015 made significant advances in the Chinese market through a joint venture company run in conjunction with China-based Advanced Solar Power. This investment began by the Joint Venture providing two extensive factory installations in Huangzhou, with more on the way. This means that, as a SolTech shareholder, you also own part of the Chinese solar industry and the work to achieve their stringent climate targets.

SolTech has solar energy solutions that are suitable for all types of property. With tens of different patents at its disposal, SolTech can produce complete solutions for both roofs and frontages. Every year, some 30,000 households in Sweden alone fit new roofs,
These householders could equally well install an attractive and intelligent roof that incorporates and integrates solar power system. SolTech’s unique solutions lower the threshold for consumers and companies that need a reason to install a more sustainable energy system.

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Articles of Association

Bolagsordningen som fastställdes 2013-06-24 kan laddas ner here (Swedish).

Kai Feng City Goverment

Kai Feng City Government – Solar powered facility 285 kW

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