Great success in China

SolTech Energy has – through the founding of a company jointly owned by SolTech and the Chinese firm, Advanced Solar Power Hangzhou Inc.(ASP) – become an actor in the Chinese energy market. Read about this business venture and see an overview map of the completed and planned installations in China.
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Collaboration: SolTech – Sapa

We are delighted and proud over the promising success of the introduction of our exclusive collaboration with Sapa that was officially made public over 5-8 April-20i6 at Nordbygg, the Nordic region’s biggest construction and building convention – where we launched our creative solar cell solutions at our well-visited exhibition.
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Regardless of whether you have an industrial building, an office building, an apartment building or some other large building facility, you should look into the possibility of lowering its electricity and heating costs with the aid of the building’s roof – or facade. Here, we show you how!
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SolTech ShingEl

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SolTech ST

Transparent thin film solar cells that generate electricity

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Technical specification

Find more technical data, specifications, regulatory texts and how many kWh / year delivers a solar installation.

Sapa and SolTech create new possibilities

SolTech’s vision is that the near future will witness every building producing more energy than it uses. Clearly, this is a challenge – not least at our Nordic latitudes – but fully possible by combining, for example, a hot-water pump with our semi-transparent solar cell, SolTech ST, which will then produce all the electricity the hot-water pump uses on an annual basis. I am proud about the cooperation contract we’ve signed with Sapa, which creates entirely new possibilities to produce electricity on a broad front via Sapa’s expansive marketing channels that can now offer their customers the option of roofs and glass-facades that produce electricity. If we are to meet the prevailing high global climate objectives of the UN and other internationally concerned institutions, it could be that the idea of finding a way to get all nations to legislate a law stating, in essence: “Building permits will not be granted to the construction of buildings with glass facades that at the same time fail to produce electricity,“ is an idea, not only in step with the times, but feasible. Perhaps Sweden could serve as an exemplary precedent? Read more about our unique cooperation with Sapa here.

Welcome to us at SolTech!

Frederic Telander, VD


New order for SolTech’s ASRE generates 63.8 MSEK over the contract’s term

SolTech Energy’s jointly owned subsidiary, Advanced SolTech Renewable Energy Hangzhou Co. Ltd (ASRE) in China, has signed an order with the textile manufacturer XinJian TeKuo PiaoZheng (Nantong) Co. Ltd. The...Read more

SolTech first out on Nasdaq’s new bond market

SolTech Energy’s subsidiary, ASAB (Advanced SolTech Sweden AB (publ.), is the first company to have its new issue bonds listed on Nasdaq Stockholm’s new bond market: First North Sustainable Retail...Read more

SolTech Energy sells Wasa Rör

SolTech Energy Sweden AB (publ.) has decided to reshape its operation and focus all resources on the concern’s solar energy business area within the Nordic region and China. As a...Read more

Press release – book close communiqué 2017 - SolTech Energy Sweden AB (publ.)

Strong growth in China and increased focus on building-integrated solar energy. January – December 2017 The energy sales business area of Advanced SolTech Renewable Energy Hangzhou Co. Ltd. (ASRE) grew...Read more

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Good reasons to invest in solar energy

We have long known that solar energy is the best form of renewable energy in terms of both capacity and environmental friendliness. But it is only now that technological development has made solar power commercially viable on a large scale.

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We have taken into account every aspect of the whole and offer flexible systems where you can easily integrate sun shading and solar cells in the facade of a building in order to obtain a total solution with significant energy savings.

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