Many good reasons to invest in solar energy

SolTech is listed on First North at Nasdaq Stockholm since June 25, 2015


China puts its weight behind solar

SolTech installs solar energy roofs in Hangzhou

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Integrated solutions for all types of house

Switch to a glass roof that produces solar energy

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Companies become energy producers

Incorporate solar energy in your property

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More energy-intelligent agriculture

Save electricity costs with solar energy

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Attractive, sustainable and simple

SolTech’s solar energy solutions replace or can be integrated with existing roofs and frontages. An installation means you can both save on your electricity costs and reduce your environmental footprint.

Integrerad lösning


Beautiful glass tiles replace brick and concrete
Integrated in your property
Roof/wall and energy in the same solution



A service life of over 40 years
Environmentally friendly
The most important form of energy for the future



Can be connected to an existing system
Planning permission not normally required
Surplus electricity can be sold


Solar energy solutions suitable for all types of property


SolTech Sigma

Glass roof panels deliver more efficient heating


SolTech Supreme

Thin film solar cells that generate electricity


SolTech Supreme ST

Transparent thin film solar cells that generate electricity

Tankar_soltech-loggo-3 st

SolTech Therm

Accumulator tank that stores energy

”It’s really attractive – and a very good investment to boot.”

– Peter Kjaerboe, energy technology researcher at KTH  and co-founder of SolTech Energy