SolTech ST

-Transparent thin film solar cells that generate electricity

SolTech ST is a reveolutionary concept whereby solar cell technology is built into, for example, the glass façade of a building. With this product you get welcome light passing through a roof or wall – and at the same time – the capacity to turn sunlight into electricity. Both black/variously colored and transparent surfaces produce between 100 – 113 Wp/m². The solar cell offers levels of transparancy ranging from 0 to 90%, with the effect being linear to the level of transparency: A solar cell with 50% transparency has a 50% effect of 113 Wp.

All glass surfaces absorb usable solar energy. SolTech ST is a semi-transparent thin-film solar cell product that can be built into such external building surfaces and combine solar energy with sun shading. The product can be ordered with different levels of transparency, either as replacement for ordinary glass or as a glass wall. This means you can get significant sun shading, simultaneous with the production of electricity. This concept is suitable to everything from shop windows to enclosed winter gardens. For buildings requiring isolation, SolTech ST can also be installed as isolation glass. SolTech is able to supply an isolation glass with energy requirements ranging down to the passive house level. It is the customer’s needs that determine how we build the glass.

Solar cells, window glass and sun shading no longer have to be regarded as separate parts of a building. In one and the same SolTech Energy product you have window glass, with sun-shading effect as desired, that simultaneously functions as a producer of electricity. SolTech ST is easily installed in a glass roof or glass facade by making use of Sapa or Wicona’s respective profiles. All Sapa/Wicona product centers in the Nordic and Baltic regions, as well as those in Poland, are possible installers, thereby facilitating the realization of a building owner or architect’s vision, considerably. The product can be installed in a known profile system and built by product centers that are familiar with working in the Swedish construction market.

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