SolTech Facade

-A solar cell that is a “cold“ facade




SolTech Energy offers a solar cell façade that replaces other facade materials, such as: brick, metal platel or facade panels. SolTech Facade, just as with these other facade materials, is mounted with an underlying layer of ventilated air. Such a ventilated solar cell installation does not provide a building with isolation but rather is needed to promote both the performance of the solar cells as well as the building itself. SolTech Facade, which produces electricity, is priced marginally higher than a comparable standard façade, but its energy payback (break-even) time (EPBT) is notably short, leaving many years of electricity income/cost reduction, free-and-clear.

SolTech Facade is mounted using horizontal aluminum profiles that, together with the solar cells, lend a striking, clean-styled appearance to a building’s façade. The solar cell aluminum profiles are mounted without the use of special tools, which allows the installation to go quickly.

The size of the solar cell profiles is 1200×600 mm and they can be mounted both horizontally and vertically in straight rows or with displaceable joints. The solar cells have been created based on thin-film technology and their uniform black design clearly sets them apart from standard solar cells. SolTech Facade delivers 123 Wp/kvm.

The aluminum profile has been developed inhouse with the help of Sapa Building Systems and is anodized or lacquered in black. SolTech Facade is complemented with inactive glass as “fitting” pieces. This makes it possible to create beautiful, integrated facades with SolTech Facade even on existing buildings, no matter the size of the surface. Simply put, this makes it possible for the solar cell to become a building material.

Facts about SolTech Facade


  • Great flexibility with fitting pieces
  •  Created and designed from an ecological perspective
  • A robust design that tolerates hail, snow and cold
  • Certified in accord with IEC 61646:2008
  • CE-marked and approved as both electricity and building product within the EU



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