SolTech RooF

-Solar cells of the future are integrated in the roof




SolTech Energy’s latest product in this segment is SolTech RooF, a beautiful designed solar panel designed and constructed to replace traditional roof tiles by integrating them into the roof and at the same time forming part of the building’s climate scale. Whether you build new or renovate an older house, SolTech RooF is an optimal option when you want an aesthetical solution.

SolTech RooF is both the architect and the builder’s favourite as it meets the aesthetics of architecture and can be adapted to the roof structure. The panel is designed to be integrated into the roof with the same workmanship as for conventional roof tiles, making it easy and cost effective to install.

SolTech RooF is a robust construction product designed to walk and stand on. The product is manufactured from an eco-design perspective, which means it is designed to create a cycle from development to use and recycling. SolTech RooF’s solar cell is thin film that helps the product deliver energy even in shady environments and on cloudy days, a concept that is both climate-friendly and economical.

With SolTech RooF you get a nice roof that protects the property, produces renewable energy and reduces your operating costs.

Facts about RooF


• A solar panel corresponds to ten concrete tiles
• Constructed from an eco-design perspective
• Robust design that can withstand hail, snow and cold
• Certified according to IEC 61646: 2008
• CE marked and approved as electrical and building product in the EU
• More cost effective than new roofs with traditional solar cells

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