Myresjöhus in Vallastaden

-Installation of SolTech ShingEl

Solar cells are standard in all new show houses

Myresjöhus top management has decided that all show homes will have solar panels.


SolTech Energys integraded solar panels are spot on.

Stefan Eklund, product manager Myresjöhus

The majority of our houses have a heat pumps, but in Vallastaden they have district heating. To meet the energy requirements of the buildings we realized that we needed to bring solar energy. We sought primarily integrated solutions and when told SolTech Energy us about ShingEl, which would soon be launched. Linköping Municipality caught on and approved the solution for the building permit and then we decided to start.
Directly after installation, people began to get in touch. The sun was shining and glistening nicely from the roof, it was widely from day one.
I believe in solar energy and anticipate that our customers will push and promote the kind of host solutions in the future, says Stefan Eklund.

SolTech ShingEl is a unique building integrated solar panel that provides the same overall dimensions and specifications 5 tiles from Bender Carisma. It is itself a part of

building envelope on the property, without the need for additional accessories. Let your roof generate energy without having to compromise or compromising on functionality or aesthetics.

We think it is obvious that all properties built also generates energy, to reduce the footprint on the environment and to save money to the owner

housing construction time and lifetime. Our solutions provide architects best possible conditions to be creative in new construction but also for the preservation of the character of the older house when you want to install solar panels. ShingEl are installed directly on the litter and the battens without additional installation material.

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