PEAB in Vallastaden

Installation of SolTech ST - Colored solar cells

Peab is the first customer of our colored semi-transparent solar cells. SolTech ST is a unique semi-transparent thin film solar cell that depending on the customer’s wishes and needs, can be obtained with different degree of transparency. In this case, the solar cells have 40 percent transparency. The plant of more than 25 KW (25,000 watts) will be mounted on the façade of a parking house that Peab builds in the environmentally-friendly Vallastaden in Linköping and consists of 533 SolTech ST solar panels in four different colors; Green, orange, blue and red.

Christine Ekstedt, Purchaser of Peab

  • Sustainable development is a focus area for us at Peab. We became very pleased when we discovered that SolTech has BAPV products that are both appealing aesthetically and creatively while generating an attractive amount of electricity.

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