Woody Bygghandel finalizes contract with SolTech Energy - January 29, 2015

Woody Bygghandel has, as the leading building supply store chain in Sweden, finalized a contract with SolTech Energy Sweden AB. The contract is in effect as of January 1, 2015.

The contract encompasses the sale and marketing of SolTech’s unique integrated solar energy solutions for the production of heat (heating/hot water) and electricity under glass roof panels. In the assortment offered there are also complete “inbuilt” solutions making use of wall montages and unique fine-film solar cells. The products are suitable for both professional building contractors and private individuals.

“As our focus is centered on building materials of high quality, SolTech’s products fit in perfectly with our product line assortment. Their solution, which makes use of glass roof panels over solar cells (electricity), or solar radiation collectors (heat/hot water), become an integrated and esthetically pleasing aspect of roof construction, instead of the ad hoc look of ordinary solar panels that are mounted on top of the existing roof. We note an increased demand for “energy-efficient” building systems among our customers, and this is one of the ways we are meeting this demand” states Woody Bygghandel’s head of marketing, Mikael Tykesson.

“Since our strategy is to grow, together with established and well-known partners, collaboration with Woody Bygghandel suits us perfectly. With over 100 outlets in Sweden, this collaboration provides us with good national exposure,” says SolTech’s CEO, Frederic Telander.

Questions concerning the contract will gladly be answered by:

Mikael Tykesson, Marketing Chief of Woody Bygghandel at +46 702157537, or mikael.tykesson@woody.se

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