The solar cell of the future is barely visible: SolTech Energy on SVT - May 21, 2015

In early May, SVT (Swedish National Television) News, Stockholm, broadcast a report on solar energy’s rapid advance and about the branch’s future, which rests on solar cells that are integrated in the immediate environment – solar cells that are barely visible.

The feature made note of SolTech Energy’s integrated technique and a solar energy installation for Älta Skola in Nacka, where glass panels and underlying solar cells achieved an esthetically attractive source of solar energy. SolTech’s CEO Frederic Telander was interviewed and talked about SolTech’s integrated solutions.

“You get two functions in one. You get both a roof and – at the same time – a solution for collecting solar energy. In order to really be able to capitalize on the building sector, I am convinced that the integrated aspect is the future. It is vital that the solution is neat and attractive in order for customers to feel its something they want to have,” explains Frederic Telander.

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