SolTech Energy receives a 1.15 MSEK order from Vrigstad Värdshus - August 20, 2014

SolTech Energy has received an order mounting to 1,150,000 SEK, roughly equivalent to €125,000, from Vrigstad Värdshus, a Best Western Group hotel. The order calls for the installation of an 84 kW (kilowatt) SolTech Supreme, a solar energy system for the production of electricity.

When this system is installed and put into service during the fall of 2014, it will be one of Sweden’s largest solar cell installations making use of fine-film technique. SolTech Supreme fine-film solar cells produce approximately 5-10% more energy per installed watt as compared with traditional crystalline solar cells, and do so at a per watt cost that is identical or lower.

For a while now, SolTech has been the exclusive supplier of this specific type of solar cell in the Nordic countries, and we see this submitted order as a breakthrough for SolTech Supreme fine-film solar cells in the Swedish market.

SolTech finds itself in a very expansive phase with good market acceptance and strong interest for its products, both in Scandinavia and abroad. It is, however, particularly heartening that we are seeing such strong interest for our unique fine-film solar cells in our homeland so soon after their introduction, reveals CEO Frederic Telander in a report.

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