SolTech acquires the majority share in Nyedal Solenergi

On January 9, 2019, SolTech Energy Sweden AB (publ.) acquired 51% of the stock in Nyedal Konsult AB, the business enterprise behind the Nyedal Solenergi brand. Nyedal is headquartered in Halmstad, with 10 employees, and recorded a net profit in 2018 on sales totaling approximately 22 MSEK. The company, precisely as with SolTech, has specialized in integrated solar energy solutions.

On October 5, 2018, SolTech published the board of directors’ decision to actively increase the company’s investment in the sale o fits own products in Sweden by implementing a new acquisition policy, more specifically; an acquisition policy aimed at ensuring the effective marketing, sale, and distribution of the concern’s own products.

Nyedal, a retailer of Monier’s integrated solar panels as well as its own in-house developed ”Solpannan”, is the first company to be acquired under this strategy. Upon the completion of this acquisition, Nyedal is severing its cooperation with Monier and discontinuing work on Solpannan, to instead concentrate its expertize on SolTech’s products ”ShingEl” and ”RooF”, both of which are more attractive in terms of price.

CEO Stefan Ölander comments:
”Our goal with this, and with the acquisitions that are to follow, is to obtain the additional competence, motivated entrepreneurs and sales channels required to increase growth and profitability within the SolTech concern. This is exactly what we are doing now through the acquisition of Nyedal, where CEO Markus Svensson and his team will become a big asset for the SolTech concern.  At the same time, we are continuing to work with the plan of presenting further acquisitions during the winter/spring of 2019, with the goal of building SolTech to become the Nordic region’s most successful solar energy concern.”

Markus Svensson, CEO Nyedal comments:                                                                                                                            “We are very glad to now be a part of the SolTech concern. SolTech has always pursued its line with esthetic and building-integrated solar energy products. Something we have also done. But now, by shifting over to focus on the sale of SolTech’s products – along with the opportunity to utilize the benefits of SolTech’s competence, network and financial resources – we will be able to generate more business and contribute to both a strong development of the concern and to a better environment.”

The acquisition of Nyedal in economic terms:

  • SolTech acquires 51% of Nyedal Konsult AB with the option acquiring the remaining 49 % in 2022.
  • All the stock in Nyedal is valued at 10 MSEK, whereof the total acquisition liquidity necessary for acquiring 51% of the shares amounts to 5.1 MSEK, providing the stipulated sales and profit goals are met.
  • Said 51% acquisition is to be paid with an initial 1.36 MSEK portion in cash, along with new issue SolTech shares valued at 1.02 MSEK. After12 months, and again after 24 months, a further 1.36 MSEK can be paid out in two additional supplements totaling 2.72 MSEK, to meet the remaining purchase cost, providing the stipulated sales and profitability goals have been reached.
  • The acquisition is wholly financed with the concern’s own cash-in-hand and with new issue shares.
  • SolTech’s assessment is that the acquisition will contribute approximately 30 MSEK in annual sales with an operational profit in the near proximity of 5%. Beginning in the fiscal year 2020 and forward, SolTech foresees successive annual increases in sales and operational profits, as a result of increased sales of SolTech products, and the economic benefit of joint purchase and administration departments.
  • SolTech’s acquisition plan is built on the following strategic fundamental pillars:
  • SolTech shall initially acquire at least 51%, but not more than 75%, of a company. If there is only one owner of a company that is planned to be acquired, then SolTech will put forth a requirement that one or several other key persons become part owners before the acquisition is carried out. With these two measures, SolTech ensures that the entrepreneurial spirit and drive in the acquired company will remain.
  • At least 20% of the purchase price must consist of shares in SolTech. This creates a drive to always do what is best for the concern, as the interests of key persons are materially furthered by the development of a positive course in SolTech shares.
  • The cash portion of the purchase price will be paid out over three stipulated occasions: Upon entry, and after 12 and 24 months, respectively. The payout of cash purchase supplements two and three requires that both the established sales and profitability goals are reached. In part, this planned measure is positive for SolTech’s liquidity, and in part, it also ensures that these established goals are met before the entire purchase price is settled.
  • SolTech always has an option to acquire, after 3-4 years, the remaining portion of the company.
  • The last fundamental pillar is that our subsidiaries will continue to be driven by the same leadership and retain their culture and name. SolTech will support and develop its subsidiaries in a range of areas so that they can become even better, stronger and – not least – even more 

For more information, please contact: Stefan Ölander, CEO SolTech Energy Sweden AB (publ).
Tel: 070-739 80 00, email:, or Markus Svensson, CEO Nyedal solenergi. Tel: 073-077 37 43, email:

The information contained in this press release conforms to that which SolTech Energy Sweden AB (publ.) is required to make public according to the EU’s regulation 596/2014 concerning securities market abuse. Said information is furnished, via the above-cited contact person’s authorization, for publication on 9 January 2018, 08:00 CET.

SolTech Energy in brief
SolTech Energy develops and sells esthetic, building-integrated solar energy products for all forms of building structures – commercial, public and residential. The products are part of a building’s outer shell, as a roof or wall, with integrated solar cells for the production of electricity. The concern also operates in China, where the business model consists of financing, owning and servicing solar energy installations on the roofs of customer owned facilities, and of selling all the electricity produced. Soltech Energy Sweden AB (publ.) is traded on First North at Nasdaq Stockholm, under the symbol “SOLT” and has over 15,000 shareholders. Also included in the concern are its jointly owned (51%) subsidiaries ASAB in Sweden and ASRE in China. The company’s Certified Advisor is Erik Penser Bank. Telefon: 08-463 83 00. Email: For more information see:

Nyedal Konsult AB

Nyedal Solenergi was grounded in 2007 by Markus Svensson och Kennet Svensson. The family business has been in existence since the 1980s and has been engaged in both construction and product development. Nyedal Solenergi was active in the solar energy field early on and started the Swedish solar electricity market. The company was likewise early to investigate and implement integrated solutions with solar cells. With long experience, strong competence and a wide net of collaborators, our goal is to continue providing well-functioning, esthetic solar cell installations. For more info, see:


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