Institutional bond 2019 SOLT5

-Advanced SolTech Sweden AB (publ)

Issue date: January 25, 2019.
Maturity date: January 25, 2023.
Issue amount and currency: Limit 1 500 MSEK (in SEK, EUR and NOK) where as approx 170 MSEK utilized (in EUR and SEK).
Par value per bond: 1 100 000 SEK, 100 000 EUR
Safety: Senior secured.
Issuer: Advanced SolTech Sweden AB (publ). The company is owned 51% by SolTech Energy Sweden AB and 49% by Advanced Solar Power (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Business: Advanced SolTech financing of the Group’s solar power plants, mainly in China.
Creditor: Bondholders.
Interest rate: 9 % p.a. + Stibor 3m for SEK bonds

9 % p.a. + Euribor 3m for EUR bonds

7,75 % p.a. + Nibor 3m for NOK bonds

All reference rates are calculated with a 0-floor.

Due dates interest: 25 January, 25 april and 25 July each year. The first interest payment date April 25, 2019.
Debt structure: No amortization.

Freely transferable promissory notes.

Purpose: Financing of photovoltaic systems in China.
ISIN: SE0012012680., SE0012012698.
Short name: SOLT5
Listning: Intended to be listed on First North Sustainable Retail Bonds at Nasdaq, Stockholm.
Issuing institution: DNB Sweden
Organizer: JOOL Markets

Intertrust Sweden


Phone: + 46 8 402 72 00

Terms and conditions: Terms and conditions

Investor Presentation SOLT5: Investor Presentation, SEK 110m Green Senior Secured Bond Issue

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