-Can glass produce electricity? Absolutely!

Glass can produce electricity!

SolTech ST installations contain semi-transparent solar panels that make it possible to generate solar-energy from glass facades, windows and glass roofs. Semi-transparent solar panels provide a pleasant indoor climate with a reduced need of cooling that, at the same time, can be esthetically integrated in a number of ways in the building’s overall construction.

Kristianstad Stadium

The simplest choice is the number of things you don’t have to do

Solar cells, window glass and sun shading will no longer be seen as separate components of a building facility. In one and the same product from SolTech Energy; You get a wide selection of formats, possibly with a U-worth as high as 0.6, with the shading You want – and at the same time – glass panes that produce electricity.
Deciding on a solution without having to choose makes life simpler for everyone: customers, architects and builders! The central vision in SolTech Energy’s workplace is that every building facility will come to produce more energy than it uses. This vision will become more than a possibility as more and more people utilize both roofs and facades in an optimal way. Thanks to a unique framework contract with Sapa Building Systems AB, we can offer solutions for complete façade systems, windows, doors, glass roofs, sun shading, balcony railings, and more.

Kanalveien Bergen, Norway

Let Yourself be inspired by the existing possibilities of building in a way that is both attractive and energy smart. Here, on this website, a number of pictures showing suitable application areas and installations are readily accessible.

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