Collaboration: SolTech – Hydro/Sapa

-Unique cooperation agreement with Sapa Building Systems AB

SolTech Energy and Hydro/Sapa Building Systems have signed an exclusive cooperation agreement where we work with solar energy for facade systems, windows, doors, glassed in roofs, sun shieldings, railings, and more.

The agreement covers the Nordic and Baltic countries. Current Sapa profile systems are: 4150, 5050, 1086 and 7000. Current Wicona profile system are: WICTEC 50 WICTEC 60, WICLINE 65 and WICLINE 75.  Sapa and WICONA installer network in the Nordic and Baltic countries will be responsible for the installation of SolTech ST.

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At Nordbygg 2018, SolTech Energy and Sapa Building Systems presented SolTech Facade, which is specially adapted to allow you to mount solar cells in different colors in a ventilated, cold, meaning non-insulated, facade. Read more here: SolTech Facade

Truly price worthy – here is why

SolTech ST is a technically advanced product, and yet, it is simple: Picture it as an insulation-glass with two cables hidden in the profile framework. Today, our products can be sold and installed at prevailing commercial prices. There are several reasons for this:

  • We offer an effective installation network, namely; Sapa’s production centers throughout the Nordic region and the Baltics.
  • You save all costs for external solar shading – It’s built into the product.
  • In Sweden, you can receive investment subsidies up to 1,119 SEK/M2 covering the entire installation of SolTech ST panels*.
  • You produce your own electricity.

*(This figure reflects a 30% subsidy and maximal subsidy-based installation costs)

Esthetic and effective solutions

A Swedish research study has revealed that one of the primary reasons people choose not to use solar energy is that installations do not look neat and harmonious. SolTech energy’s products replace other building materials and meet very high esthetic standards.

SolTech ST is the intelligent choice in many applications where there is a strong desire to retain sunlight and a view, and yet still be able to reduce the need of air conditioning and obtain a comfortable indoor climate. SolTech ST is available in several colors and patterns that can, for example, allow a group of panels to be specifically shaped and located on a glass façade so that together they form a company logo of impressive size and impact.

Chose solar energy for reasons of environmental concern

Everyone knows the sun is an environmentally positive source of energy: All you need, for example, is a solar installation of 100 square meters to reduce the yearly discharge of CO2 into our atmosphere by an amount equal to the carbon-dioxide released by an average Swedish car cruising one lap around the equator! The CdTe-technique we use makes possible the type of solar cells that are quickest (approximately one year) to produce the amount of energy used in their manufacture. The panels have a useful-life expectancy of circa 30 years. In addition, we offer a destruction-and-recycling guarantee for all damaged and worn out panels and, in this way, conserve the earth’s resources.

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