SolTech Supreme

-Thin film solar cells that generate electricity

SolTech Supreme is the most efficient solar cell solution currently available on the market! It is highly effective and produces more power in diffuse sunlight conditions than other solutions. It is less affected by increases in temperature, which also helps generate greater total power. It can be installed on roofs, frontages or as a ground installation.

The thin film solar cells in Supreme allow owners to make use of not only the 1,500 hours of bright sunlight we enjoy here in Sweden, but also the 2,500 hours of sunlight a year during cloudy conditions to generate electricity. This is something traditional solar cells simply cannot do. Tests conducted in various regions of the world (including Sweden) have also confirmed that Supreme has a higher total level of efficiency that the alternatives. It’s no wonder then that most of the biggest solar power stations in the world currently use the same type of thin film technology.

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