SolTech Facade

-A solar cell that is a “cold“ facade

We offer a solar cell facade – available in six different colors, besides black! – suitable for replacing another building material. SolTech Fasad has an aluminum profile horizontally and a thin rubber strip vertically.

SolTech Facade is specially adapted to allow you to mount solar cells in different colors in a ventilated, cold, meaning non-insulated, facade. It also can replace other building materials, such as; brick, sheet metal or facade plates. In this way, an investment in solar cells is effectively reduced. This, in addition to the environmental and long-term monetary value of the energy they produce.

Different colored solar cells become “glass packages” of different thickness, but such differences are adjusted in the façade’s profile. Regardless their thickness, all solar cells end up on the same level for the life of the facade. You can also mix colors on the same facade surface.

SolTech Facade is available in two forms:

  • 1200×600 mm
  • Width 600 or 1200 mm, height between 600-3000 mm, in steps of 600 mm.

The profile is home-developed with the help of Sapa Building Systems so as to function effectively with SolTech Facade. SolTech Facade is marketed in seven colors and furnishes between 100-123 Wp/kvm, dependent on color. The nuance of the colors changes depending on how much and at what angle sunlight strikes the solar cells. The aluminum profile is anodized or enameled in different colors. We can also produce inactive glass as fitting pieces – so that, even if you are installing SolTech Fasad on an existing building, it is still possible for you to create attractive continuous surfaces, no matter the size of the surface.

The solar cells’ colors are:

  • Gray
  • Green
  • Terracotta
  • Blue
  • Bronze
  • Gold
  • Black

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