The need of material and devices suitable for safely and effectively converting the DC current produced by solar cells to standard AC current is self-evident. To this end, SolTech Energy offers a high quality assortment of inverters, cables, power main breakers, etc.

The inverter converts the direct current produced by the solar cells to alternating current. SolTech Energy has chosen to work with several large inverter manufacturers, among them, Fronius, a PV (photovoltaic) supplier that offers inverters of good quality. Inverters are sold in a wide range of sizes, which, in turn, contain a range of different functional devices. For example, there are a number of different MPPT-trackers offered to meet the needs of different operating conditions. SolTech Energy, or one of our authorized retailers, will make sure that the right inverter is chosen for your system!

Combiner Box
Solar cells are coupled in series in strings/loops, which are coupled in parallel in the combiner box. SolTech Energy uses fuses for the purpose of protecting every string/loop according to the relevant requirement, as well as overvoltage protection in all combiner boxes.

To insure a safe installation, SolTech Energy always uses double-isolated and UV-resistant cables.

Firefighter Alarm
In Sweden, there is no law requiring the installation of a firefighter alarm. SolTech, however, puts a high priority on safety and therefore always recommends the installation of a firefighter alarm, in order to obtain a more secure rescue response in the event of a fire. Dependent on the installation, a simple fire alarm can be mounted on an exterior wall, or, alternatively, a remote-controlled alarm can be placed, for example, in the entryway.

Exterior breaker                                                         Remote controlled breaker

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