Can solar cells be a roof?


SolTech ShingEl is a unique building integrated solar panel offering the same building dimensions as five Benders Carisma tiles. It is in itself a part of the climate scale on the property, without the need for additional accessories. Let your roof generate energy without compromising or renouncing either function or aesthetics.

We think it is obvious that all properties that are being built also generate energy, to reduce the impact on the environment and to save money to the owner during the building’s construction time and lifetime. By replacing SolTech ShingEl with other building materials, these need not be manufactured or transported. As a bonus, the construction process is shortened. Our solutions give architects the best possible conditions to be creative, both in the case of new construction and in the preservation of the character of older homes, regardless of the type of tactic.


More benefits with ShingEl

As with other products in our range, thin film technology is the core of the SolTech ShingEl panels. The benefits of CdTe, as our thin film type are called, are many. In addition to the homogeneous design, which distinguishes it from the silicon sinks, it is primarily the high efficiency in shady environments that are distinctive. Thin film gives more energy even cloudy days and even if parts of the panel are in shade from trees, chimneys or the like. The advantage of the integration of SolTech ShingEl is that it replaces other materials and in itself becomes part of the building’s climate scale. This shortens the construction time and reduces costs compared to first adding concrete roofs and then mounting solar cells on top.

Facts about ShingEl


• Consturcted to be 100 percent compatible with
Benders concrete tile Carisma, without the need for any accessoris.
• 1 solar panel is equivalent to 5 concrete tiles.
• Designed from an EcoDesign perspective.
• Robust design that can withstand hail, snow and cold.
• Certified according to IEC 61646:2008.
• CE-marked and approved as electrial and construction product within the EU.
• Modern thin film technology (CdTe)

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