Green Bonds


The goal of SolTech’s jointly-owned subsidiary in China, Adanced SolTech Renewable Energy Hangzhou Co. Ltd. (ASRE), for 2017, is to finance and install solar energy units on the roofs of customer facilities mounting to a total capacity of 50 MW (megawatts). This will require an investment of approximately 500 million SEK (50.3 MEUR). SolTech Energy’s Swedish subsidiary, Advanced SolTech Sweden AB (ASAB), which is jointly owned by SolTech’s Chinese partner, Advanced Solar Power Hangzhou Inc. and charged with responsibility for the financing of loans for the SolTech Group’s investments in China, has therefore signed a contract with Danske Bank for the purpose of investigating the possibility of issuing Green Bonds. The ultimate objective is to finance 2017’s Chinese investment by the issuance of Green Bonds to Danske Bank’s network of institutional investors and wealthy private individuals, amounting to a sum total value of 500 MSEK (50.3 MEUR)

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