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Advanced SolTech Renewable Energy

Through a joint venture company run in conjunction with China-based Advanced Solar Power (ASP), SolTech has become a player on the Chinese market. ASP has been supplying the Chinese market with solar cell solutions for frontages and flat industrial roofs for some time. Using SolTech’s unique, patented solutions, the joint venture company is now able to offer solutions for all shapes of tiled roofs in China.

ASRE built its first two installations totaling 445 kW in 2014. During 2015 and 2016 has accelerated the expansion of installations with very strong growth and is now estimated at 49,62 – 53,62 MW including existing orders and facilities under construction.

Of the installed and completed facilities were 18,85 MW grid-connected by 3rd of July 2017, with more installations planned for grid connection in the near future. ASRE aims to install 605 MW by 2021. This would give an annual turnover of just over SEK 1 billion in 2022 at full network connection.

Sales are made to commercial customers (B2B) that, under long term agreements of at least 20 years, commit to buying all the electricity and/or thermal energy that each installation produces. Therefore, the customer does not pay for the installation, but instead undertakes to buy all the electricity/thermal energy that the installation produces. The customer gets access to clean energy produced by the sun at a lower price than they would have to pay to a standard supplier and, at the same time, receive a sort of rent for their roof in the form of a discount per kWh. A strong incentive you would agree.

In addition to revenue received from customers for the electricity they buy, the joint venture company also receives a subsidy from the state. For each kWh produced, the national government, the provincial government and the local government pay a fee directly to SolTech’s Chinese joint venture company.

Discussions are currently underway with several customers in respect of similar agreements in the Hangzhou region. The local government has shown a positive attitude towards the initiative and appears to be willing to pass on the contact details of local companies that are significant consumers of electricity. The local government believes it is important to achieve the annual quota of installed solar energy systems in the region. This quota was established by the central government as part of China’s general environmental targets.

Biggest solar energy market in the world

China has been the world’s biggest consumer of electricity since 2009. By 2040, it is anticipated that energy consumption in the country will have doubled from current levels.

China’s historical focus on fuels such as coal has, combined with a rapidly growing need for energy, created an enormous environmental challenge that can no longer be ignored. Therefore, the Chinese government is keener than ever to implement a massive expansion of solar power generation.

The aim for 2015 is to have solar energy installations with a total capacity of 17.8 GW, meaning that China will become the world’s biggest solar energy market this year. If everything goes to plan, the country will have an installed solar energy capacity of 100 GW by 2020. In order to make this a reality, huge monetary investment will be required on the part of national, provincial and local governments.

Frederic Telander and ASP:s CEO, Ben Wu

SolTech’s CEO, Frederic Telander and ASP’s CEO, Ben Wu, in front of a 325 kW installation that has been installed during 2014.

ASP:s main office

ASP:s main office.

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