Welcome to invest in our new Solar-bond yielding 8.75% annually. Subscription period 5-20 February 2018.

Highly set solar-energy goals and a strong, ever-increasing need of energy have made the Chinese market for solar energy very attractive. Therefore, Solar Energy’s subsidiary, Advanced SolTech, is now offering a new bond paying an attractive interest of 8.75% to be invested in already contracted business.

– We believe that even more people will realize the advantages of investing in the solar energy market with this offer,” say´s Frederic Telander, CEO Soltech Energy.

On the right you can find all the information you need to take a decision to save in our new solar-bond. Customers of Avanza Bank can subscribe at www.avanza.se and customers of other banks can also easily subscribe by simply printing out, and then filling out and posting the notification application.

By investing in the solar-bond, you receive 8.75% annually on your investment, paid out twice a year – and at the same time, contribute to a better environment in China and globally. Welcome.



Offer in brief

Options and nominal amounts:
5,000 SEK per bond.
Lowest amount to subscribe is four (4) bonds (20,000 SEK). Thereafter, in single (1) bond (5,000 SEK) increments
8.75% annually
Interest payment due dates:
15 January and 15 July, with the first payment day – 15 July 2018
Issue Date
1 March, 2018
Loan Amount
150 MSEK with over-subscription right to an additional 150 MSEK, i.e. a maximum of 300 MSEK
Refund date
28 februari, 2023
Preliminary first trading day assuming application approval
15 March, 2018


Material only available in Swedish

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